Ceiling/ Wall Finish  Smooth Finish POP
 Doors  Flush Doors
 Windows  Wooden or UPVC with Grills
 Flooring / Skirting  Vitified Tiles ( 2' * 2'  Vitrified tiles)
* Provisions of window Air- Conditioning in all bed-rooms
 Living/ Dining Rooms  
 Ceiling/ Wall finish  Smooth finish POP
 Doors  Designer main door (Framed Timber Door) other doors (Flush Doors)
 Windows  Windows or UPVC with Grills
 Flooring / Skirting  Vitrified tiles (2'*4' or 3'*3' Double charged Vitrified Tiles) 
*Provision of Window Air-Conditioning as well as Split Units
 Ceiling  False Ceiling Provided
 Wall Finish  Ceramic Wall Tiles Up-to DADO Level (2100 MM)
 Doors  Flush Doors with waterproof layers inside
 Ventilators  Wooden or UPVC
 Flooring / Skirting  Ceramic tiles
 Vanity Counter  Granite / Italian
 Water Closet (WC)  Wall Hung Commode with flush valve
 Glass Partition  Toughened Glass in one toilets bathing area
* Toilets will be equipped with provision of (Plumbing and Electrical only) Exhaust and Geyser
 C.P. Fittings and Accessories  
 GROHE / JAGUAR Toilet Fittings or Equivalent Fittings in All Toilets
 Adequate Water proofing treatment would be provided, with provision of Geyser
 Ceiling / Wall Finish  Smooth finish POP with 2 feet designer tile above counter
 Doors  Flush door with waterproofing layer inside
 Ventilators  Wooden or UPVC
 Flooring / Skirting  Anti Skid Ceramic tiles
 Sink and counters  Stainless Steel Sink with granite counter top
* Kitchen will be equipped with provisions of ( Plumbing and Electrical only) Exhaust, Chimney,Geyser and R.o. fittings
 Ceiling / Wall Finish  Exterior Grade paint on plaster
 Flooring / Skirting  Anti skid tiles / stones
 Handrails and Parapets  Decorative Child care MS / Glass railings
 * Provision of Washing Machine (Plumbing and Electrical Only) space for invertor
 External Wall Finishes  
* This shall be provided with reputed brand exterior grade paint, which shall have water repellent properties
 Ceiling / Wall Finish  Exterior grade paint on plaster
 Flooring / Skirting  Anti skid tiles or Granite on treads and risers
 Handrails and Parapets  Decorative Child care MS/ Glass railings
 Air-Conditioned Lobby / Reception area on ground floor
 Common Passage  
 Ceiling  Partial attractive false ceiling provided with adequate lighting
 Wall Finish  Exterior grade paint on plaster
 Flooring / Skirting  Anti Skid tiles or Granite
* Corridors will be having attractive wallfeatures for Aesthetics.
 Electrical Wiring & Installation  
 Fixtures and fittings  ISI marked modular switches / sockets, Distribution boxes and circuit breakers. Wiring shall be ISI marked copper     wiring in concealed conduits.
 Plumbing  ISI marked water supply pipes with accessories and ISI marked PVC rain / waste water pipes
 Security System  
 3 tier security system with CCTV, EPBAX system or video door phone.
 Power Back-Up  
 Power Back-Up in all common area  Parking , Common corridors, Staircase,Lifts,Pump room etc. 1KW in each flat.


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